First Valley & Black Cake Festival

FestivalThis weekend sees the start of the very first Valley & Black Cake Regional Festival. This year, the city of Trelew was chosen as a meeting point. The Valley & Black Cake Festival is the Region newest annual festival. This unique festival right in the heart of the Comarca VIRCH-Valdés (region covering the Lower Valley of the Chubut River and the Península Valdés) combines traditional food (specially the Patagonian Welsh black cake), live music events and touristic stands over one full on fun packed weekend from the 25th to the 27th of July from 10am to 7pm.

The First “Valley & Black Cake Regional Festival” will be inaugurated by the Mayor of Trelew, Máximo Pérez Catan, at 10.30 am on July 25 in Trelew as mentioned before; nevertheless, all the mayors of the cities within the valley were invited to the ceremony. With a tent installed between two Municipal Museums, “Egidio Feruglio” and  “Pueblo de Luis“, from Friday July 25 to Sunday July 27 -10am to 7pm- visitors will be able to enjoy performances by important artists of the region, to taste cakes and to appreciate the potential sites of this Comarca.

In the Museum “Pueblo de Luis”, there will be talks on different topics, mainly related to the Welsh landing and, in the meeting hall of the Hotel Touring Club they will be offering tastings of the black cake, and a stand of the San David Association.

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